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Tumblr Noir

I’m sure it’s fairly obvious this blog is not updated anymore; however, I am over on Tumblr and post quite a bit of Black Canary and Birds of Prey-related stuff.

I did not follow my darling Birds to the New 52. They changed Dinah’s origins and backstory far too much for me to accept New 52 as THE Black Canary and I was overall unimpressed by the various choices the editors made for the new direction. I know there’s some good stuff there, and I intend to try out the new-new Batgirl, but the only comics I’ve kept up with in any way recently are Wonder Woman (and that will end when Azzarello departs) and Buffy.

I’ve also dabbled in (gasp) Marvel comics and really like Captain Marvel, want to read Ms Marvel and Hawkeye but haven’t gotten to them yet. I don’t read anything regularly but I’m very impressed with these books, their creative teams.

As for Black Canary, she has gotten quite a boost in her awesome quotient by being so well-portrayed in the amazing TV series¬†Arrow.¬†Sara Lance is an amazing Canary, and I’m hopeful they’ll develop Laurel into a worthy Black Canary.