Retiring Birdwatching

Years ago, I started a Birds of Prey fansite on It wasn’t called Birdwatching yet (that came later), but It did really well and was popular and a hub of at-the-time otherwise unavailable nitty-gritty information about not only the Birds of Prey comic but its starring characters: Black Canary and Oracle. I spent a […]

My Favorite Superhero (and Why)

The Mary Sue had a cool post today asking readers, “Who Is Your Favorite Superhero, and Why?”┬áto which I — naturally — wrote a love letter to Black Canary. I figured I should save it for posterity, so here is a fresh post on this long-neglected blog. Happy 70th Anniversary, Dinah. You are THE BEST. […]

Tumblr Noir

I’m sure it’s fairly obvious this blog is not updated anymore; however, I am over on Tumblr and post quite a bit of Black Canary and Birds of Prey-related stuff. Visit Tumblr Noir I did not follow my darling Birds to the New 52. They changed Dinah’s origins and backstory far too much for me […]

I Have a Lot of Feelings

The first month of DC’s New 52 has come to an end, and I have thoughts! My thoughts not only concern the slightly-more-than-a-handful of comics I chose to read out of this new batch, but also the way comics are bought and sold. I went to my nearest comic shop shortly after Week 1 to […]