graphic thoughts


I can’t believe I’m already three reviews behind. I will catch up soon! New BoP continues to be excellent, and I have much to say.

Bah, the second, though is Batman: The Return. Combined with the Bruce Wayne six-parter I read, my overall feeling about not only this story but its resolution is, “OH, COME ON!”

Soooo sick of this silliness. Batman, Inc.? ┬áBATMAN, INC.?! What kind of a lame-o cop-out of a so-called resolution is that? Instead of a return of Batman we get frickin’ Bat Lanterns.


I don’t even care if it turns out to be the best thing ever in comics, I found the lead up and denouement overly complicated and bizarre and frustrating. Yet again, another revamp that will impact other books that have been doing well (Batgirl, for instance). Yet again, another shakeup to plain old good storytelling just so there can be some sort of Big Story OMG Buy All The Books Yay!


I’m tired of this. I am, in fact, weary of this.

I will still get BoP. I might still get Supergirl, though that book, too, is going through yet another creative change and probably yet another rethinking to figure out some way to do Superman right this time. I am probably dumping Wonder Woman (the less said about the lameness of this re-imagining combined with its re-imaginer’s bail-out five issues in, the better). I might still get Batgirl, if the new direction doesn’t ruin what’s made it so much fun for the past many issues. I intend to try the new Batwoman book.

But I’m exhausted by all the upheaval. It is the way of comics these days, but at some point I just want a writer and a penciller to get to tell the stories they want to tell without constant mid-word creative team changes, story changes, crossovers, artist changes mid-story, fill-ins, random tie-ins, guest stars for the sake of having guest stars, and general messing around.