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The Late, Great Mike Wieringo

Mike, you will be missed [article]. I always loved this picture, especially the look of pure bliss on Jay “Flash” Garrick’s face.

I got to tell him that when I met him at a smaller comic book convention my brother and I attended several years ago, and he also did this sketch (below) of the “Cry Baby” Black Canary from the Sins of Youth crossover series for me.  I hadn’t seen much of his work recently since he’d moved to Marvel, but I always loved his style.

The Black Canary as ‘Cry Baby’ from Sins of Youth
by Mike Wieringo


4 thoughts on “The Late, Great Mike Wieringo

  1. Geez! I read his picture blog almost daily. His Flash run was fantastic. What a smack in the face this is! How crazy…

  2. It is so sad. He was a really nice, talented man, and — just look at the picture! — he could make every character look different, and he embued them all with such personality… that shows real heart, to imagine individuals and not just types.

  3. Thanks for telling me – rather a shock – and such a great talent. I loved his work – he made everything live on the page.

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