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Goin’ to the Chapel…

I haven’t read Green Arrow #75 yet and the Black Canary mini has yet to hit the stands, but DC has already moved on to the consequences of the popped question:

Black Canary Wedding Planner

Will they *get* married is the only remaining question.  That they are planning on it is apparently going to be the subject of a whole month of fun in the DCU.

A lot has changed since the 2nd Crisis and I hope one of those things is the doggishness of the modern age Green Arrow.  Otherwise, he remains not good enough for Canary.  But if he’s either reformed or restored to his Bronze-Aged glory, then TIE THE KNOT, KIDS!  I’ve waited too many years for this.  I always considered them one of the should-be-always DC couples anyway — like Ralph and Sue and Clark and Lois and the Hawks.  Dinah and Ollie.  Ollie and Dinah.


Now, who’s missing from this picture, and who IS in it that seems… odd?

JLA Wedding

Answer the first: Lady Blackhawk

Answer the second: Why is Superman the only guy at the party, and *gasp* is he coming out of the cake?! Does LOIS know about this?  Oh, wait, isn’t that the dear lady right behind Wonder Woman’s BUTT?!  And really — shouldn’t that be NIGHTWING’S job?  He seems kind of made to emerge from superheroine wedding shower cakes, and I always say, go with your strengths, kids.

Green Arrow + Black Canary

Ah, the honeymoon… 

We always knew she was the tough one in this relationship.

7 thoughts on “Goin’ to the Chapel…

  1. The not being able to keep his pants zipped part is why i have trouble with the idea of the wedding. it worked when kevon smith got them back together, but judd winnick is one of those who seems to think cheating is a crucial part of his character. the thing about that is that it feels incredible out of character for him, given how strongly and singlemindedly he’s portrayed as loving her any time there isn’t a cheating storyline going on.

  2. My theory is that’s Nightwing dressed up as Superman.

    Not that enthused about the idea of a wedding myself. But… y’know, they put Gail Simone on Wonder Woman; I can forgive DC about anything else at the moment.

  3. Oh, wow. I love your commentaries! This one made me laugh! I love it, oh and hey Nightwing doesn’t do the emerging all the time, geez sometimes he’s gotta take a break right? Okay so maybe I’m giving him a little too much credit, and hey remember I believe it was during that whole Brainiac thing that Dinah admitted to having some nawty thoughts about the Supes. Hell, if Lois knew about the cake thing do you really think she’d let him do it? Besides, its ‘Kal’ as Diana would put it! Can’t wait for the Mini, and let’s not even talk about Judd. Let’s leave this on the:

    Goin’ to the chapel and their gonna get married!

  4. Of course she’d let him leap out of a cake – this is Lois and Supes – their relationship can stand a little cake-jumping ….

  5. Lois would be fine with it, and the cake-jumping would certainly help his reputation, but I’m not sure Supes would really hit the right note. More like, “here I come to save the CAAAAKE!” — too squeaky-clean for cake-jumping.

    Maybe OLLIE should be jumping out of the cake, but… we don’t know where he’s been. And that brings us back to, “is he good enough for Dinah?” Well, NO, but…

    I’d say maybe Arsenal for the cake-boy (yes, I’m in denial over the name change) but that’d be a bit weirdly Oedipal…

    Nope, it SHOULD have been Nightwing which means DQ wins the “how to make this cover still work” sweepstakes. *throws confetti*

  6. I think that if Nightwing jumped out of the cake, and seeing how Starfire is at the party, you wouldn’t see either of them for the rest of the issue. They’re always jumping each others bones…however since Babs is there it could be extremely awkward for those 3 and even everyone else.

  7. Yeah, I suppose the problem with having Nightwing there is that he very likely slept with half the people assembled there… might make things a bit awkard

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