The Beatniks, Issue 1, Part 2

One-page update today, but it’s an update!


PANEL ONE: Interior of a very Bohemian coffee shop with trompe l’oeil scenes painted on the walls. A woman (40s) is behind the counter in jeans, t-shirt, and an apron emblazoned with the word JOLT! She has her long hair held back by a colorful scarf. Maryn and Katya are leaning against the counter, very relaxed and talking to the barista

MARYN: …and then TWHAK! It smacked him RIGHT in the neck. It was beautiful!

KATYA: I just hope I had the dose right this time

PANEL TWO: closer shot of the three characters still at the counter. The barista sets two large coffee cups down in front of them.

BARISTA: These are on me, girls. Excellent work.

PANEL THREE: Maryn and Katya turn away to find a table, drinks in hand.

MARYN: Thanks, Aunt Lola!

KATYA: Thanks, Ms. Porter!

PANEL FOUR: Maryn and Katya are sitting down at a table in front of the large window that overlooks the street. The girls are talking animatedly. We’re far enough away to see them completely framed by the window. JOLT! is painted across the glass in HUGE (reversed) letters. The shop is on a corner and another large window takes up a good chunk of the left-hand wall, too, with a revolving door where they meet. The street beyond is an active downtown-style street with storefronts and people walking by. Clothes indicate the weather is cool but not cold.

PANEL FIVE: Rack-focused POV shot of the same scene with an in-focus table taking up the front of the panel, empty cups, crumb-dusted plates, crumpled napkins strewn across the surface.

MYSTERY SPEAKER 1: So they know “Twilight?”

MYSTERY SPEAKER 2: I hear she calls herself “The Barista” now unless she actually goes to a meeting.

PANEL SIX: Different angle on same table which we now see is sitting in a shadowed corner of the shop. Two figures are visible sitting at the table but are indeterminate adult males (30s).

MYSTERY SPEAKER 1: They’re just kids, though. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

MYSTERY SPEAKER 2: You know what the boss said. We can’t have any loose ends.