Beatniks Update Update

Okay, let’s just chalk week 2 up to bad planning.  This is the problem with impulsiveness — I failed to remember that this week was going to be a complete disaster of running around and not having any spare time to do anything including working ahead so I’d be ready for this week’s update.  Therefore, I am hereby declaring next Tuesday, 12/11, as the first Official Beatnik Update Day, and from then on, I will aim for weekly Tuesday updates.  Since Christmas looms, I will try to get ahead of things to stay to the schedule regardless. 

I don’t want to be one of “those” webcomicers who gets into a story and just stops.  I hereby vow that I will not stop this exercise in fun and comic-book scripting in mid-story.  If I do get to the place where I decide to quit, I’ll finish the story in progress first. *makes little vowing gesture*