Comics for May 23rd

I get my comics every month in a big ol’ box from my formerly-local comic shop.  It is lovely and convenient and sometimes irritating because I only get my comics once a month.  But this is a good thing, too.  It focuses my comic time to one big blast a month rather than several times a month taking up time I’d like to focus on other things. This is a small “week” for me.

BoP #6

Birds Of Prey #106
(I can’t say I care for this cover very much…)

Countdown #49
No opinion on series yet — I’ve only read the first issue!

Wonder Woman Vol 3 #9
I don’t think Jodi Picoult’s done a very good job capturing Diana at all, though the story has been somewhat engaging, but we’re all just marking time until Gail comes on board.