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ZATANNA: Spellbinder for Justice

I've never been a huge fan of Zatanna since I always interpreted her introduction into the DCU & into the Silver Age Justice League of America as an invasion of Black Canary's turf. I mean, come ON! A bodysuit with a jacket over it & fishnets — who's that remind you of? But in the right hands, Zatanna's a cool character. Check out her guest shot in the first Neil Gaiman-penned story from The Books of Magic or more recently in the Sins of Youth: Batboy & Robin special (the picture, above, is from that story).

Even in superhero circles, magic-users are problematic at best. They can too often be used to pull a victory out of the jaws of defeat when the heroes have been manuevered into a corner. This is probably why she's seen less these days. She did play a major role in the mostly dreadful Day of Judgement crossover recently but she wasn't in that enough. It seems DC is trying to turn her into some sort of reclusive rock star whose every appearance can therefore be a buzzworthy star turn. Too bad. In the right hands, she could be the star of a really cool ongoing series.


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