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Young Justice

Arrowette, Wondergirl, & The Secret:
Young Justice

Arrowette — Cissie Jones-King
Wonder Girl — Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark
The Secret — Greta

These three young women are among the coolest and most interesting female superheroes in comics. Wonder Girl in particular has been developed from a precocious bratty kid into a graceful, intelligent, noteworthy character by both Peter David in Young Justice and the Wonder Woman scribes (Mark Millar's recent Cassie-centered story in WW #153 is one of the most outstanding character-oriented stories in recent comics history). She's being groomed by David to become the public leader of Young Justice and the recent Sins of Youth crossover has shown her to be well up to the task.

Arrowette, on the other hand, has struggled to remain retired after having a very traumatic event from her private life bleed over into her heroic life. She first showed up in Impulse and has made at least three fun appearances in that book. Her run in Young Justice (which I hope is not at an end — I want Arrowette to come back!) has developed her into a worthy member of DCU's archer clan and one of the best out-of-costume friends a superhero group could have.

And the Secret. She made her debut just before the Young Justice concept did and has developed into a very unique character in the DCU. Is she alive but merely a different sort of life form? Is she a ghost? Just what exactly is she? A fascinating member of Young Justice who also starred in one of the best Sins of Youth one-shots.


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