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Until Phil Jiminez took over the writing chores on Wonder Woman, the character used to bore me. Occasionally she'd be coolly portrayed in JLA, but in her own book and in general, she seemed pretty wooden. Even though Jiminez is doing a fabo job on her solo title, she still is best in a group. She was the one of the best things about Grant Morrison's JLA swan song — the Mageddon story arc — and her portrayal in Kingdom Come is one of that Elseworlds masterpiece's highlights.

She is the first of the great superheroines and to this day, she's the best-known. She's suffered a lot of bad writers and stupid "Oh, Steve!" storylines in her long history, but at the core, she's a very cool character with a really interesting backstory. In the hands of good writers and artists, she lives up to her reputation quite well. She remains the proto-Xena (which may be why Lucy Lawless always comes across as the perfect actress to play the role) and all strong, butt-kicking, flashy-costume-wearing superheroines owe a debt to her.


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