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I liked Kara Zor-El — don't get me wrong — but, y'know, she was nice. And that's about all she was. She was nice, she was smart, she was superpowered, and her main problems seemed to involve what I lovingly call "The Samantha Conundrum" — in other words, "I know I'm way powerful, but I wanna do things the mortal way." Speaking as a mortal, sh'yeah, right! But the modern, post-Crisis, Peter-David-as-scribe Supergirl (aka Matrix aka Linda Danvers) is imperfect. She is nice, but her Linda side sure wasn't. She has a past, she has had serious problems, she learns, she grows, and she really seems to like, accept, and have no problem with being "super." Sure, it was a problem telling Linda's parents about the whole merging-into-one thing, but parental issues are always difficult.

The most active comic-related thing I did for years was to periodically check at comic stores and newstands to see if there were any Supergirl stories for sale. I liked Supergirl but I didn't know what had happened to her during my long absence from comic fandom. When I finally found out about the new Supergirl monthly, it was so good, I didn't even care it wasn't the S'girl I remembered. And here I am, three years later, fully immersed in fandom and loving every minute of it.

Supergirl #1

Supergirl (the comic)—
Until its cancellation, this was my favorite DC title. It was like nothing else out there. Linda's internal monologues were funny and often poignant, and in spite of being "super," she was very down-to-earth. PAD transformed the undeveloped and generally blah post-Crisis replacement Supergirl character into something and someone truly super. I miss the title and all of its characters, but especially Linda "Supergirl" Danvers.


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Earth Angel: The Legend of Supergirl
There used to be a couple of other really nice Supergirl sites, but one vanished ages back and the other vanished more recently. This site has always been terrific, but it is now indisputably the best Supergirl site out there. Earth Angel focuses on the wonderful, current Supergirl whom I just adore. Lots of information, pictures, and links I haven't seen before. Excellent.

Supergirl: Maid of Might
A really well-designed site devoted to the current Supergirl.

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