The Birds of Prey

Rogue's Gallery
The guest stars, the bad guys, the not-so-bad guys, and the troublemakers.

Nick Devine / Lynx

Nick Devine Lynx

Both Nick & Lynx appeared as the Bad Guys in the very first Birds of Prey story, "One Man's Hell." They have yet to show up again, but after the whompin' Canary gave them, I imagine they really don't want to get her angry again.




Turning out NOT to be such a bad guy after all, Galiant spent most of Birds of Prey: Revolution following in Canary's footsteps as she repeatedly beat him to their mutual goal. In the end, however, Oracle called him in to save Canary from a pretty nasty situation, but in spite of a mutual attraction, Canary & Galiant never even managed to have a cup of coffee together.

Archer Braun

Archer Braun

Archer Braun ticked off the wrong three women when he managed to tangle with Huntress, Catwoman, AND Black Canary all in one stay in Gotham. Looking for revenge for his varied crimes against them, the women teamed up in Birds of Prey: Manhunt to take him down and discovered an even more complicated situation than they'd imagined... turns out Braun's a supervillain. And Lady Shiva's on his side.

Selina "Catwoman" Kyle / Lady Shiva Woosan

Selina "Catwoman" Kyle Lady Shiva Woosan

Though Lady Shiva — who made a brief but impactful appearance in the Manhunt miniseries — has only just shown back up in BoP , reluctantly teaming-up with Black Canary after their mutual teacher extracted unwelcome promises from them both, Catwoman has made a couple of appearances in the series, both times acting as a sort of ally, teaming up to with Canary first to bring down Archer Braun and later to help Canary and a motley group of abductees escape from Apokolips.

Craig Windrow / Drew Fahrnum

Craig Windrow Craig Windrow

These two "wolves" in sheep's clothing ruined an evening for Dinah and Babs in Birds of Prey: Wolves. Craig Windrow turned out to be the reckless and feckless ex-husband of Dinah Lance (it was a 9 month union back in her late teenaged years). Drew was a nasty con man, tricking Babs into thinking he'd helped her out so that he and his mooks could then rip her off. Boy, did THEY mess with the wrong woman. And I don't think Dinah's in any danger of returning to her ex...

Spellbinder / Blockbuster

Spellbinder Blockbuster

Spellbinder was hired by Blockbuster to discover the mysterious Oracle's identity — a job her overconfidence led her to bungle. Eventually and in spite of Blockbuster's determination to put an end to Oracle's meddling in his business, the crime lord's health put him in a position that only Oracle's skills could save him from... how he'll deal with being in her debt remains to be seen.

Cheshire / Kobra

Cheshire Kobra

Cheshire is a wild card — a brilliant and unstable criminal mastermind who's nuked a country and who'll betray allies if her own ends are served by it. She's tangled with the Birds a few times now, and has learned to take Canary very seriously as an adversary. . .

Kobra played a role in the Ravens' first encounter with the Birds but has yet to show back up.

Vicious / Pistolera

Vicious Pistolera

Amoral and unstable, Cheshire's Ravens are the more dangerous because of their recklessness in the face of danger.




Hellhound / General Garanza

Hellhound General Garganza

Rating his skills a bit higher than he should've, Hellhound had his arse handed to him by the Canary even after she'd had a very long, very rough day.

General Garganza's politics offended Canary — sent to bring him safely to justice — but his code of honor saved her life and cost him his, giving her a great deal to think about.

Doctor Linus Ppoplynsklinov / Joe Gardner

Doc Ppoplynsklinov Joe Gardner

The mad scientist and his adopted monster led Oracle and Canary on a fool's game that nearly started a war and nearly ended with Canary's death — thank goodness the pair has friends in high places! The doctor has not been seen again, but like a bad penny, Joe keeps turning up, usually right in Canary's path.

Lashina / The Joker

Lashina The Joker

Lashina was no match for Canary & Catwoman, but knowing what a bunch of crazies those Apokolips folks are, you can bet she hasn't forgotten them...

Oracle and Canary have now tangled with the Joker twice and in both cases they've discovered that winning against the Joker takes brains and teamwork.

Lady Vic / Shrike

Lady Vic Shrike

Lady Vic needs to stick with simple assassination work 'cause as an adventurer/spy, she really stinks. Canary has made short work of her a number of times.

Actually an adversary of Nightwing's, Canary made the mistake of underestimating him and ended up in some trouble.

Ra's Al Ghul / Talia Al Ghul

Ra's al Ghul Talia al Ghul

Ra's al Ghul and his daughter Talia are longtime adversaries of the Batman, but the relationship is a strange one, with Ra's long believing Batman to be the only man worthy of his daughter. Somehow, Talia decided Dinah was worthy of her father and arranged their meeting. For awhile, Dinah was enamored of the man she knew as Raymond. When she was forced to face the truth, the consequences were nearly fatal — but a dip in the Lazarus Pit cured more than just the injuries Dinah suffered in what would have been her final fight.

Killer Moth / Cormorant

Killer Moth Cormorant

Barbara's first and last foes as Batgirl stand as interesting bookends on the era she fought through. Killer Moth typified the somewhat silly villains of the early days when even the Joker was something of a joke, but Cormorant was a serious threat, nearly killing Barbara and causing her to seriously rethink her career as Batgirl. After she apprehended him, she retired from costumed crimefighting.