The Birds of Prey

Richard "Dick" John Grayson
Mary and John Grayson (deceased)
First Appearance:
(as Robin) Detective Comics #38, April 1940
(as Nightwing) Tales of the New Teen Titans #44, February 1984
Vital Statistics:
blue eyes, black hair, 5'10" tall, 175 lbs
Base of Operations:
Blüdhaven (but still frequently operates in Gotham City)
"Real-Life" Occupation(s):
bartender, policeman
Special Skills:
Incredible acrobatic skills, excellent detective and martial arts skills, a born leader and formidable strategist
Was Batman's original "Robin, the Boy Wonder" sidekick and established the high watermark every other sidekick in the DCU tries to match or exceed (good luck!) A founding member and longtime leader of the Teen Titans and many of its later incarnations. A founding and ruling member of current Titans team and an integral member of the Gotham home team. (Offered membership in the current JLA by Batman at the same time membership was offered to Dinah and Babs but, like Dinah, he turned down the offer)
BoP Affiliations:
Has a long history of professional and personal involvement with Babs-as-Batgirl and as-Oracle going all the way back to his days as Robin. Is one of Babs's closest friends and supporters, and he relies on her a great deal in her capacity as Oracle to assist him with his work in Blüdhaven. Worked with Dinah during the Final Night crisis and talked to her on the phone while visiting Oracle — a conversation which led him to consider his relationship with Babs more carefully which eventually led to their current — albeit rocky — romance.


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