The Birds of Prey
The New Justice SocietyJSA


Justice Society of America (JSA)
New Incarnation's Founding Members:
Dinah Laurel Lance aka Black Canary II
Jack Knight aka Starman VII
Ted Grant aka Wildcat
Jay Garrick aka The Flash
Sanderson Hawkins aka Sand
Alan Scott aka Sentinel
Albert Rothstein aka Atom Smasher
Other Members:
Hippolyta aka Wonder Woman III
Kendra Shiera Saunders aka Hawkgirl II
Courtney Whitmore aka The Star-Spangled Kid II
First Appearance:
JSA Secret Files #1, August 1999
Base of Operations:
New York City (Manhattan)
in the Justice Society of America Headquarters (formerly the Dodds Mansion); however, like the JLA, they go wherever they are needed.


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DC Cosmic Teams! — a terrific site devoted to the DCU's three premiere teams — the JSA, the JLA, and the Legion (that covers the past, present, and future quite nicely, though they do all tend to muck around in each other's time periods — especially lately — now, don't they?)

Davo's All-Star Comics Page — the rebirth of the JSA has led to a sudden upsurge in JSA sites — or at least you can actually FIND them now. This one has a fabulous lot of info on the JSA's Golden Age home book including a gallery of all the covers! This guy's serious.

The Annotated Justice Society Checklist — This site is beautiful! And it has a list of the Golden Age Black Canary's comic appearances (plus some of her post-Golden Age appearances).

The Star-Spangled Kid Website — I loved the comic and bought it's entire run. At least she's still a part of the JSA, and the monthly comic had a nice ending (even if it did happen too soon). All hail Courtney Whitmore! Maybe she'll get her own book again someday... This site is derelict but has some good info on our dear Courtney.