The Birds of Prey
JLA: Year One
Silver Age Justice League

The Justice League of America
Founding Members:
Barry Allen aka The Flash (deceased)
J'onn J'onzz aka Martian Manhunter
Hal Jordan aka The Green Lantern (deceased)
Arthur aka Aquaman
Dinah Laurel Lance aka The Black Canary
(Some) Other Members:
Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow
(1st nonfounding member)
Ray Palmer aka The Atom
(2nd nonfounding member)
Bruce Wayne aka Batman
Clark Kent aka Superman
Diana aka Wonder Woman
Hawkman & Hawkgirl
Ted Kord aka Blue Beetle
Guy Gardner aka Green Lantern
Kyle Rayner aka Green Lantern
Wally West aka The Flash
Eel O'Brien aka Plastic Man
Barbara Gordon aka Oracle
Giffen-Era Justice League Birthplace:
Gotham City
First Appearance:
The Brave and the Bold #28, March 1960
First Appearance of Retconned Founding Team:
Secret Origins #32, November 1988
Base(s) of Operations:
Founding Team: Happy Harbor
Later Teams:
JLA Satellite in orbit around the Earth
{Justice League International: Various embassies around the globe}
Current JLA:
JLA Watchtower on the moon
BoP Affiliations:
Black Canary was a founding member of the Justice League and was a member near-continuously for several years after and helped refound it after the "Legends" crisis and was a founding member, again, of the Justice League International which the post-"Legends" League turned into shortly after its founding. She retired from the JLI a short time later and has not been an active member of the Justice League or any of its incarnations since. Oracle is an active member of the current team.


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