The Birds of Prey

Jenny Sparks:
The Spirit of the Twentieth Century

In my considered, comic-loving opinion, the only heroine indisputably as cool as the Canary is Jenny Sparks. This is not to say other heroines aren't equally great in other ways, but for flat-out, in-your-face cool, Jenny may even have a slight edge on Dinah. A denizen of the Wildstorm Universe, Jenny was born at the dawn of the 20th century, stopped aging when she turned twenty in 1920, and has power over all things involving electricity — in a sense, she is electricity. She is the spirit of the Twentieth Century — the embodiment of the Modern Age — and the leader of Warren Ellis' superlative superteam The Authority. She's ageless, English, fond of dressing all in white, and a habitual smoker. She's also one of the most powerful supertypes in comics. And did I mention how cool she is ;-)

'Course this is ALLLLLLLllllll past tense now, thanks to the fact that deeeeeear Mr. Ellis killed Jenny off in Authority #12. *Sigh* Well, she was cool while she lasted... which may be even longer than I thought since she's apparently been reincarnated as the "Spirit of the Twenty-First Century". . . the saga continues?


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