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Hawkwoman: The Avian Avenger


Her name is Shayera Thal (aka Shiera Hall), a Thanagarian police woman who was in the Silver Age Justice League with Black Canary. She's a very cool character, but she also stands as something of cautionary tale for second tier comic characters.

Post-Crisis, Shayera Thal's history became so completely messed up and confused she couldn't 't get arrested in the DCU. She showed up in Elseworlds stories and if there was a flashback JLA-related story collected somewhere, she often showed up in them.

But now she's back. Sort of. In the pages of JSA, the mysterious Kendra Saunders is actually the reincarnated spirit of Shayera! Right now she's in big-time denial AND she's still Hawkgirl rather than Hawkwoman. But now both she and Hawkman are back from DCLimbo, so that's all for the good. And in such a terrific book as JSA, they're bound to get their due once more.

Plus, now that Hawkman has his OWN title again which — naturally — also features Kendra, the Hawks are firmly back in play.


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