The Birds of Prey
Jim  Gordon

James W. Gordon
wife Sarah Essen-Gordon (deceased),
ex-wife Barbara Gordon, son James Jr.,
niece /adopted daughter Barbara Gordon
First Appearance:
Detective Comics #27, May 1939
Vital Statistics:
blue eyes, white (formerly brown) hair, 5'9" tall, 168 lbs
Base of Operations:
Gotham City
"Real-Life" Occupation(s):
Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department, retired
instructor at Gotham University
Special Skills:
carries standard-issue service revolver (and is a danged good shot) and "can still hold his own in a good, old-fashioned street fight" (source: Batman Secret Files #1). Aside from Alfred, Gordon is Batman's oldest and staunchest ally.
Gotham City Police Department
(Parents of Costumed Crusaders Anonymous ;-)
BoP Affiliations:
Well, he's Barbara's Dad! Pretended not to know Babs was Batgirl and now does the same since she's became Oracle though it's more likely he really doesn't know this time. Pre-Crisis stories include some interaction with Black Canary, and so, if these are considered canon, they have worked together on occasion. The JLA was in Gotham during its early days, so it's possible they did meet then; Met, danced with, kissed, and helped squelch a crime-in-progress with Black Canary, Sr and the JSA back during World War II though this is probably an Elseworlds moment since, historically and in most post-Crisis and retcon related stories, Canary Sr. didn't start her career nor join the JSA until after the War.


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