The Birds of Prey

Costumes of the Black Canary

The Black Canary — 1947
Flash Comics #87
pencilled by co-creator Carmine Infantino

Distinguishing Costume Characteristics
black leather body suit with belt around waist
short, bolero-style jacket with long sleeves
choker with black canary figure at the throat
black boots with large cuffs & heels
black fishnets
blonde wig
black domino mask
This was the first appearance of the Black Canary, and she clearly owes a debt to the Era's Hollywood's glamour girls such as Veronica Lake and Rita Hayworth. Even from this first appearance, she was a bit more than the usual femme fatale probably because Johnny Thunder, the ostensible "hero" of this feature, generally bumbled his way to success. Canary is not even named in this story aside from her secret identity, but she is destined to take Johnny's feature in Flash Comics and his place as a JSA member away from him in very short order.

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