The Birds of Prey

Costumes of the Black Canary

Dinah Queen,
Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow
Olivia Queen, the Black Canary — 1996

Kingdom Come #3
art & design by Alex Ross

Distinguishing Costume Characteristics
(Black Canary III)
black armored bodysuit
black demi-jacket with half-sleeves & armored epaulettes
black fishnets
black, thigh-high cuffed boots
black gloves
black choker with round white canary emblem at throat
wrist-mounted crossbow
black quiver on black belt around hips
black headband with attached red mechanized eyepiece and voice comm attached
seems to be able to fly (probably due to a mechanical device)
Olivia has other her mother's metagenic sonic cry & her father's skill with the bow and arrow. Her costume is a terrific update on the classic Canary costume worn by her mother and grandmother. There is no evidence either way on whether her hair is blonde or a wig. I vote blonde 'cause by that time, the Canarys need to have figured out that worrying about keeping your wig on in a fight is just silly.

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