The Birds of Prey

Costumes of the Black Canary

Dinah Queen — 1996
Kingdom Come #4
art & design by Alex Ross

Distinguishing Costume Characteristics
white poncho
black leggings & boots
black belt and black bracelets
crossbow & black leather quiver
Dinah Queen is one of Batman's three generals in this extraordinary Elseworlds adventure. She has retired from her role as the Black Canary and her daughter Olivia Queen has taken up the mantle as Black Canary III. In the final battle, Dinah & her clan of archers (which includes husband Oliver, daughter Olivia, and step-granddaughter Lian "Red Hood" Harper) enter the fray in an attempt to stem the loss of life. Dinah fights as an archer, too, and I've dubbed this costume and her role while wearing it her "White Arrow" alias. She is killed during the battle before Captain Marvel detonates the nuclear bomb which wipes out the rest of her family (including Roy "Red Arrow" Harper, Lian's father).

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