The Birds of Prey

Costumes of the Black Canary

Dinah Laurel Lance, the Black Canary — 1985
Detective Comics #554
pencilled by G.K. Moore

Distinguishing Costume Characteristics
a poufy-sleeved, cowl-necked, blue and black jumpsuit with weird, wing-like protrusions from the shoulders and white cuffs
white belt with black canary-shaped buckle
black gloves
black headband
white boots with cuffs you could lose a small country in
shoulder-length blonde wig
An absolutely hideous creation! It wouldn't be quite so bad if the white boots were black and had somewhat less frighteningly huge cuffs. And speaking of cuffs, the sleeve cuffs would've been much better black, too. Rendered somewhat less hideous during her stint in the Giffen-era Justice League.

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