The Birds of Prey

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Black Canary 3 — 1999

concept, execution, and performance by Arnie Ross

Arnie's a toy designer and has been collecting comics before he could read. A wise man, he has admired BC since the moment he laid eyes on her in the pages of the Silver Age Justice League.

He sez:

"...then they retconned her to be the first in the new generation of Superheroes, having grown up being surrounded by Justice Society members. She in effect, stands to be between generations, she was like the child prodigies that the Teen Titans later became, only she was the first. [Which I thought was a very cool observation, btw -j]

"Anyway, I want mention on your site as the 'Most Scary/Devoted Black Canary Fan in the Universe.'

"I have a Black Canary Logo tatooed on my forearm (from the letter columns of Birds of Prey). And for Halloween I made a male version of the Black Canary costume, using elements from her previous costumes. I'm sending you a pic of my initial concept on paper and my actual complete costume. Just a note, I have dark hair but bleached it blond for the costume, that should earn me some devotion points, right?"

Major points, my friend. Major points. Arnie, I salute you!

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