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Character Study in Pencil: The Black Canary — 2000

art by Howard Campbell

While the artist admits this is a bit "cheesecakey," I think it captures Dinah's Year One attitude (and impractical footwear) very well.

Howard has a BFA in Graphic Arts with a minor in Drawing, but instead of allowing corporate America to drain all the joy out of his artistic impulse, he instead went to work for U.S. Military Intelligence (he says to "insert oxymoron comment here").

Of this drawing, Howard says:
"The Canary has long been my favorite; maybe because of her strong yet feminine character, or maybe because of the fishnets and boots. Yeah, probably the fishnets and boots have a lot to do with it... Anyway, the idea was to see how realistically I could render a comic character."

I think he did a very nice job.

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