The Birds of Prey

MELAKA FRAY: Slayer Redux

Melaka Fray

On the hardscrabble, mutant-riddled streets and rooftops of an unnamed, socially-stratified 23rd Century city, the first Slayer in two hundred years is called. The last Slayer — her name lost to history — had banished all demons and all magic from Earth.

Now the vampires have crept back into the world, reaching for power and requiring the new generation's Slayer.

Her name is Melaka Fray. She has no Watcher and she doesn't know what a vampire is. She's a thief, an orphan, and at odds with her police officer sister.

She's very cool, too, a fusion of Buffy's skill, Faith's edge, and Kendra's incongruous innocence.

Buffy's creator, Joss Whedon, also created Melaka Fray and is apparently still writing the eight-part miniseries Fray (from Dark Horse) chronicling her first adventure as The Slayer (will the story ever be completed? We all wait and wonder and hope and pray).


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