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The Endless



"Once she was Delight, but that was long ago. Delirium is the youngest of the Endless, and her appearance varies most. Her realm can be visited but never comprehended... for what poet has reported more than the merest fragments? And who can know what Delirium sees through her mismatched eyes?"

Delirium is never what you expect — she is sweet and endearing and insane and exasperating and wise and foolish and vengeful and kind. Which is just what you might expect, after all, from the personification of and ruler over the realm that bears her name. She appears several times in The Sandman saga, but it is in the Brief Lives story arc (and the trade collection of the same name) that she becomes a fully realized character in her own right. She is my third favorite character in Neil Gaiman's brilliant Sandman, after her brother Dream and sister Death.

...and then there is DEATH


In every comic appearance she's ever made, Death's word balloons are always rendered as completely normal. All of her siblings' word balloons have some sort of special feature — Dream's are black, Delirium's are multi-colored and wavery, and even Destruction's are heavily outlined as if to imply his booming voice. But not Death's. And in spite of who and what she is, Death, too, is the most normal, the most human-seeming of the Endless. She smiles a lot. She's interested in people. Perhaps it is her job which makes her so in touch with humanity or perhaps it is that of all that the Endless represent, Death is the one thing none of us can avoid. Death is the one certitude in life. If death existed as Death is portrayed, I think it'd be neat. She's someone it would be pleasant to meet even under the circumstances.


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The Dreaming

Neil Gaiman is a genius. This page is dedicated to his work which includes The Sandman series and all its related brilliant comics (including my favorite, Death: The High Cost of Living) and the wonderful fantasy novel Neverwhere, and exists with the blessings and informational participation of Mr. Gaiman himself.

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