The Birds of Prey

Courtney Whitmore:
The Star-Spangled Kid

The Star-Spangled Kid

Courtney Whitmore
First Appearance:
Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. #0, July 1999
Vital Statistics:
5' 5" tall, 110 lbs., blue eyes, blonde hair
Base of Operations:
Blue Valley, Nebraska
"Real-Life" Occupation(s):
high school student
Special Skills:
gymnast and all-around excellent athelete
Current Affiliations:
A founding and current member of the latest incarnation of the Justice Society of America
where she has worked alongside The Black Canary.

Courtney is a great character. I was so disappointed when they cancelled her title, but at least she lives on in the pages of the JSA. Here's a character who just has spunk. She got into the game to spite her stepfather — the former Golden Age sidekick Stripesy — but fell in love with the legacy she'd stumbled into. Her determination to become more than just an occasional suburban superhero, to become someone worthy to stand with the best of the best, makes her a character driven not by rage or loss or or ability or upbringing but by an ideal.


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