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Green Arrow

Connor Hawke
Oliver Queen & Moonday Hawke Armitage
First Appearance:
Green Arrow #0, October 1994;
(first in costume) Green Arrow #91, November 1994
Vital Statistics:
green eyes, blond hair, 5'9" tall, 160 lbs
Base of Operations:
worked internationally until his retirement back to the ashram where he spent his youth
recently returned to active duty in order to spend time with his returned-from-the-dead father
Special Skills:
one of the best martial artists in the DCU and a superior archer
(probably ranks third after his father and Arsenal)
briefly a member of a recent JLA roster
BoP Affiliations:
Connor was the one who brought the news of Oliver Queen's death to Dinah Lance, and they have sinced worked together and stayed in touch as colleagues and quasi-family members. During at least one of the cases they worked on together, Dinah was working with Oracle.


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