The Birds of Prey

Collecting Black Canary
The Silver Age, 1963-1969

Black Canary Classic

In this list:
SHOWING means that Black Canary is in the story briefly — anywhere from a cameo shot to a few, fleeting frames — but impacts on the overall story very little
FEATURED means that Black Canary plays an active, supporting role in the story
STARRING means just that, too — that Black Canary is the main focus of the story (the term CO-STARRING is used for most Birds of Prey story appearances and a few of Black Canary's appearances when she is clearly acting in a starring role but is not the only character doing so).

Please Note: Appearance lists are organized alphabetically by comic title and then in ascending chronological order by comic publication date.

Essential Reading: I've put a Essential Reading beside all appearances I consider "Essential Reading" for Dinah Lance fans. The Black Canary Archives, published in early 2001 by DC Comics is absolutely Essential Reading for serious Black Canary fans. It collects all of her solo Golden Age appearances (primarily in Flash Comics) in one place and throws in her early non-JLA-related Silver Age appearances Brave & the Bold and in Adventure Comics. One-stop shopping. I've also marked a few other issues below as Essential Reading for the pre-Crisis Canary afficionado.

Black Canary (Modern)
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 Justice League America 21, July 1963, “Crisis on Earth-One” — featured along with the rest of the Golden Age Justice Society of America

 Justice League of America 22, September 1963, “Crisis on Earth-Two” — featured

 Justice League of America 29, July 1964, “Crisis on Earth Three!” — featured

 Justice League of America 30, September 1964, “The Most Dangerous Earth of All!” — featured

 Justice League of America 37, July 1965, “Earth--Without a Justice League” — featured

 Justice League of America 38, September 1965, “Crisis on Earth-A” — featured

 Justice League of America 46, July 1966, “Crisis Between Earth-One and Earth-Two!” — featured

 Justice League of America 47, September 1966, “The Bridge Between Earths!” — featured

 Justice League of America 64, July? 1968, “Stormy Return of the Red Tornado” — featured

 Justice League of America 65, September 1968, “T.O. Morrow Kills the Justice League--Today!” — featured

 Justice League of America 73, August 1969, “Star Light Star Bright Death Star I See Tonight!” — featured

 Justice League of America 74, September 1969, “Where Death Fears to Tread!” — featured

 The Brave & the Bold 61, July 1965, “The Big Super-Hero Hunt” — co-starring

 The Brave & the Bold 62, September 1965, “The Big Super-Hero Hunt” — co-starring