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Please Note: This list stopped being maintained at the end of 2006.

In this list:
SHOWING means that Black Canary is in the story briefly — anywhere from a cameo shot to a few, fleeting frames — but impacts on the overall story very little
FEATURED means that Black Canary plays an active, supporting role in the story
STARRING means just that, too — that Black Canary is the main focus of the story (the term CO-STARRING is used for most Birds of Prey story appearances and a few of Black Canary's appearances when she is clearly acting in a starring role but is not the only character doing so).

Please Note: Appearance lists are organized alphabetically by comic title and then in ascending chronological order by comic publication date.

Essential Reading: I've put a Essential Reading beside all appearances I consider "Essential Reading" for Dinah Drake Lance fans. If you want to get a good, basic overview of Dinah Sr.'s post-Crisis history, pick up the starred issues.

Black Canary (Modern)
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 Batgirl: Year One 1, February 2003, “Masquerade” — showing

 Birds of Prey 66, June 2004, “Sensei & Student, Part Five: Murder & Mystery” — co-starring —A terrific flashback tale that reaches into the future to involve her daughter

 Birds of Prey 79, April 2005, “Hero Hunters, Part Four: She Rides the Eye of a Hurricane” — showing

 Golden Age Secret Files & Origins 1, February 2001, “Dawn of the Golden Age” — showing

 Green Arrow Annual 2, 1989, “Do Black Canaries Sing?” — featured

 Green Lantern Quarterly 3, Winter 1992, “Old Friends” — showing — several JSA members gather to remember Black Canary I who died in Secret Origins #50

 Infinite Crisis 2, January 2006, “The Survivors” — showing —Flashback to the first Silver Age JLA/JSA crossover

 Infinity Inc. 35, February 1987, “?” — showing

 Infinity Inc. 50, May 1988, “It's a Grimmworld After All” — showing

 JLA in Crisis Secret Files 1, November 1998, “” — showing — Canary I is pictured in commemoration of the 1st meeting of the JLA & the JSA while Canary II is omitted from the entry on Legends which I can only assume is a protest over the horrid costume she was wearing at the time

 JLA: Incarnatons 1, July 2001, “The Justice League of America Is Dead!” — featured

 Justice League of America Super Spectacular 1, 1999, “The Case of the Patriotic Crimes” — starring — reprints All-Star Comics #41

 Justice Society of America 2, March 1991, “Vengeance From the Stars -- Part Two: The Sack of Gotham” — starring

 Justice Society of America 6, September 1991, “Vengeance From the Stars -- Part Six: Danger Flies the Skies” — co-starring

 Justice Society of America 7, October 1991, “Vengeance From the Stars -- Part Seven: The Return of the Justice Society” — featured

 Justice Society of America 8, November 1991, “Vengeance From the Stars -- Part Eight: Battle of the Stars” — featured

 Justice Society of America 100-Page Super-Spectacular -- 1975 Issue 1, 2000, “The Big Super-Hero Hunt” — co-starring — reprints The Brave & the Bold #61

 Justice Society of America 100-Page Super-Spectacular -- 1975 Issue 1, 2000, “The Mystery of the Vanishing Detective” — featured — reprints All-Star Comics #57

 Robin 80-Page Giant 1, September 2000, “Nature's Bride -- Chapter One: The Enchantress” — featured

 Secret Origins 50, August 1990, “Unfinished Business” — co-starring

 Starman 21, August 1996, “Sand and Stars — Part Two” — mentioned — Wesley Dodds — the Golden Age Sandman — tells Jack "Starman" Knight about the first Black Canary's affair with the original Starman who is also Jack's father. This is the first time this fact is revealed.

 Starman 37, December 1997, “Talking With David '97” — featured

 Starman 48, December 1998, “Stars My Destination — Part One: Starman Blues” — showing — Jack sees a hallucinatory vision of Black Canary I

 Starman 62, February 2000, “Grand Guignol -- Premiere Partie: ...And What Went Before.” — showing

 Starman 76, April 2001, “Talking with David (and Ted)” — showing

 Starman Annual 2, 1997, “Chapter Two: Summer and a Father's Choice” — co-starring — A pivotal story in the Canarys' current history beautifully drawn by Gene Ha.