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The Golden Age, 1947-1951

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In this list:
SHOWING means that Black Canary is in the story briefly — anywhere from a cameo shot to a few, fleeting frames — but impacts on the overall story very little
FEATURED means that Black Canary plays an active, supporting role in the story
STARRING means just that, too — that Black Canary is the main focus of the story (the term CO-STARRING is used for most Birds of Prey story appearances and a few of Black Canary's appearances when she is clearly acting in a starring role but is not the only character doing so).

Please Note: Appearance lists are organized alphabetically by comic title and then in ascending chronological order by comic publication date.

Essential Reading: I've put a Essential Reading beside all appearances I consider "Essential Reading" for Dinah Lance fans. The Black Canary Archives, published in early 2001 by DC Comics is absolutely Essential Reading for serious Black Canary fans. It collects all of her solo Golden Age appearances (primarily in Flash Comics) in one place and throws in her early non-JLA-related Silver Age appearances Brave & the Bold and in Adventure Comics. One-stop shopping. I've also marked a few other issues below as Essential Reading for the pre-Crisis Canary afficionado

Black Canary (Modern)
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 All-Star Comics 38, December 1948, “History's Crime Wave” — featured first appearance with the Justice Society of America

 All-Star Comics 39, February 1948, “The Invasion from Fairyland” — featured

 All-Star Comics 40, April 1948, “Plight of a Nation” — featured reprinted

 All-Star Comics 41, June 1948, “Case of the Patriotic Crimes” — starring Black Canary joins the Justice Society at the end of this issue reprinted

 All-Star Comics 42, August 1948, “The Man Who Hated Science” — featured

 All-Star Comics 43, October 1948, “The Secret of the Golden Universe” — featured

 All-Star Comics 44, December 1949, “Evil Star Over Hollywood” — featured reprinted

 All-Star Comics 45, February 1949, “Case of the Cosmic Criminals” — featured

 All-Star Comics 46, April 1949, “Adventure of the Invisible Band” — featured

 All-Star Comics 47, June 1949, “Ghost of Billy the Kid” — featured

 All-Star Comics 48, August 1949, “The Strange Lives of Edmund Blake” — featured

 All-Star Comics 49, October 1949, “The Invasion of the Fire People” — featured

 All-Star Comics 50, December 1950, “Prophecy of Peril” — featured

 All-Star Comics 51, February 1950, “Invaders from the World Below” — featured

 All-Star Comics 52, April 1950, “Secret Conquest of Earth” — featured

 All-Star Comics 53, June 1950, “The Gun That Dropped Through Time” — featured

 All-Star Comics 54, August 1950, “Circus of One Thousand Thrills” — featured

 All-Star Comics 55, October 1950, “The Man Who Conquered the Solar System” — featured

 All-Star Comics 56, December 1951, “The Day the World Ended” — featured

 All-Star Comics 57, February 1951, “Mystery of the Vanishing Detectives” — featured After this issue this title changed to All-Star Western and no longer featured the Justice Society of America whose home book this long had been. This event is generally considered the end of the Golden Age.

 Comic Cavalcade 25, December 1948, “Tune of Terror” — starring

 Flash Comics 86, August 1947, “The Black Canary” — co-starring This was the Black Canary's debut appearance reprinted

 Flash Comics 88, October 1947, “The Map That Wasn't There” — co-starring

 Flash Comics 90, December 1947, “Triple Exposure” — co-starring

 Flash Comics 100, October 1948, “The Circle of Terror” — starring

 Flash Comics 101, November 1948, “The Day That Wouldn't End” — starring

 Flash Comics 102, December 1948, “Riddle of the Roses” — starring

 Flash Comics 91, January 1948, “The Tumbling Trees” — co-starring

 Flash Comics 92, February 1948, “Huntress of the Highway” — starring reprinted

 Flash Comics 93, March 1948, “Mystery of the Crimson Crystal” — starring

 Flash Comics 94, April 1948, “Corsage of Death” — starring

 Flash Comics 95, May 1948, “An Orchid for the Deceased” — starring reprinted

 Flash Comics 96, June 1948, “Riddle of the Topaz Broach” — starring reprinted

 Flash Comics 97, July 1948, “Mystery of the Stolen Cloth” — starring

 Flash Comics 98, August 1948, “The Byzantine Black” — starring

 Flash Comics 99, September 1948, “Time Runs Out ” — starring

 Flash Comics 103, January 1949, “Mystery on Ice ” — starring

 Flash Comics 104, February 1949, “Crime on Her Hands” — starring Publication of Flash Comics ceased with this issue; it started up again with issue #105 exactly ten years later [without the Black Canary] helping to usher in the Silver Age.