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Please Note: This list stopped being maintained at the end of 2006.

In this list:
SHOWING means that Black Canary is in the story briefly — anywhere from a cameo shot to a few, fleeting frames — but impacts on the overall story very little
FEATURED means that Black Canary plays an active, supporting role in the story
STARRING means just that, too — that Black Canary is the main focus of the story (the term CO-STARRING is used for most Birds of Prey story appearances and a few of Black Canary's appearances when she is clearly acting in a starring role but is not the only character doing so).

Please Note: Appearance lists are organized alphabetically by comic title and then in ascending chronological order by comic publication date.

Essential Reading: I've put a Essential Reading beside all appearances I consider "Essential Reading" for Dinah Lance fans. While none of the Elseworlds are technically Essential, I've marked a couple of them as such to denote those appearances I consider the best of the bunch for Dinah.

Black Canary (Modern)
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 Adventures in the DC Universe 9, December 1997, “Random Access Memories” — starring — BC II — animated style

 All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder 3, December 2005, “Black Canary” — starring —an entirely-new but vaguely familiar Black Canary makes her debut in All-Star continuity

 Elseworlds Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl , 1998, “” — showing — two separate Elseworlds versions

 JLA: Act of God 1, 2000, “” — showing — BC II

 JLA: Created Equal 1, 2000, “” — featured — BC II

 JLA: The Nail 1, August 1998, “” — featured — BC II

 JLA: The Nail 2, September 1998, “” — featured — BC II — pictured on the cover

 JLA: The Nail 3, October 1998, “” — showing — BC II

 JSA: The Liberty File 1, February 2000, “Brother Can You Spare a Mind?” — featured — BC I

 Justice 1, October 2005, “Chapter One” — showing —and updated Bronze Age-style Justice League of America series

 Justice 3, February 2006, “Chapter Three” — showing

 Justice 4, April 2006, “Chapter Four” — featured

 Justice 5, June 2006, “Chapter Five” — featured

 Justice 7, October 2006, “Chapter Seven” — showing

 Justice League America 72, March 1993, “Destiny's Hand I” — showing — BC II

 Justice League America 75, June 1993, “Destiny's Hand IV” — showing — BC II

 Justice League America Annual 10, 1996, “The Alliance” — showing — BC II

 Justice League of America: Another Nail 1, 2004, “” — featured — BC II (late-Silver/early-Bronze Age version)

 Justice League of America: Another Nail 2, 2004, “” — showing —BC II (late-Silver/early-Bronze Age version)

 Justice League of America: Another Nail 3, 2004, “” — featured

 Justice League Unlimited 20, June 2006, “Just Us Girls” — featured

 Kingdom Come , 1996, “” — featured — BC II — relative to most other characters aside from Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Dinah shows up a LOT though she is given little to say. Kingdom Come was an incredible achievement — well-written but even more well-realized artistically. Entire subplots go on in the pictures without a word being spoken. One gripe: I disapprove of the fact that the future Dick Grayson apparently married Starfire — that big-haired alien Titan — rather than Barbara Gordon... the moron.

 Realworlds: Justice League of America , 2000, “” — showing — BC II

 Supergirl 79, April 2003, “Many Happy Returns, Part Five: Strange Visitor” — showing — three separate versions of BC are shown (very briefly) in this issue; two on the cover (the current, up-to-the-minute costumed Canary and the Classic Canary), and one in the story (an "Earth 2" version of the Classic Canary).

 The Golden Age , 1995, “” — showing — BC I

 Thrillkiller '62 , 1998, “” — featured — BC I