The Birds of Prey

Casting the Birds of Prey

I'm a major film buff, and I enjoy mentally casting movies which they'll never make — or never make right! — based on my favorite books and comics. If you have some ideas of your own you'd like to share, please send them to me. But here are my own "picks" for several Birds of Prey-related role

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Dinah Laurel Lance :: Black Canary

Black CanaryVictoria Pratt

Victoria Pratt
('Shalimar Fox' on Mutant X)
I don't know how many people suggested Ms. Pratt to me for the role of Dinah, but the only thing I'd ever seen her in was the really awful Cleopatra 2525. I just could NOT see "Sarge" as Canary. Now (sadly, since there is a BoP series in the works) she's in Mutant X, a fun comics-based SF series, playing a superheroine. Her martial arts moves are the real thing, and she's a solid actress. She would be just fabulous as the Canary.

Character's First BoP Appearance(s): Co-Star of series

Barbara Gordon :: Oracle

OracleJennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner
('Sydney Bristow' on Alias)
Boy, have I completely changed my mind about who this role belongs to. The intelligence, the secrets, the double-life, the athleticism, the presumption of her own rightness... Sydney Bristow IS Babs Gordon! And the thing with Garner is she'd also make a stupendous Batgirl. They need to get going on a Batgirl movie and cast this woman in the lead role right away.

Character's First BoP Appearance(s): Co-Star of series

Helena Bertinelli :: Huntress

HuntressGina Gershon

Gina Gershon
('Sasha Hassler' on Snoops)
Well, she rocks is why. I think I'm the only one who religiously watched and then really very much missed her short-lived private detective TV show Snoops (another fine David E. Kelley production). I also thought she was GREAT in Face/Off where she first came to my attention. She's got the tough edge and world-weariness to play Helena.

Character's First BoP Appearance(s): Manhunt miniseries; Series regular as of #57