The Birds of Prey

Casting the Birds of Prey

I'm a major film buff, and I enjoy mentally casting movies which they'll never make — or never make right! — based on my favorite books and comics. If you have some ideas of your own you'd like to share, please send them to me. But here are my own "picks" for several Birds of Prey-related role

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The Bativerse

Bruce Wayne :: Batman

BatmanRussell Crowe

Russell Crowe
('Terry Thorne' on Proof of Life)
Tough, grumpy, and gorgeous — yep! That's my Batman. Plus did I mention gorgeous? Yep, that's my Bruce Wayne. And he has a great, growly Batman voice, too.

Character's First BoP Appearance(s): One Man's Hell

Richard "Dick" Grayson :: Nightwing

NightwingTom Welling

Tom Welling
('Clark Kent' on Smallville)
It seems a shame that I just find the perfect Nightwing and he's playing Clark Kent!

Character's First BoP Appearance(s): BoP 8

Timothy Drake :: Robin

RobinGregory Smith

Gregory Smith
('Ephram Brown' on Everwood)
I've found my Robin! Smith is absolutely perfect for the distinctly intellectual third Robin.

Character's First BoP Appearance(s): BoP 2

Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon (ret.) :: (none)

(none)Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford
('Jack Ryan' on Patriot Games)
As if I have to remind anyone who Harrison Ford is! Well, just think about it. Wouldn't he be terrific? He has the hair, the voice, the bearing. We've already seen him convincingly wielding firearms and beating people up, and he does gruff exceptionally well. And the modern, post-Crisis Gordon is such a great character and a match for the Batman himself.

Character's First BoP Appearance(s): BoP 27

Cassandra Cain :: Batgirl III

Batgirl IIIZhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi
('Shào Ḷng' on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
She Certainly has the martial arts skills to portray the young woman who took down THE Lady Shiva!

Character's First BoP Appearance(s): BoP 61

Stephanie Brown :: Spoiler

SpoilerKirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst
('Torrance "Torr" Shipman' on Bring It On)
And now she's Mary Jane Watson, sure! But I "cast" her as Steph before Spider-Man came out, so I'm sticking with it.

Character's First BoP Appearance(s): BoP 39

Alfred Pennyworth :: No Alias

No AliasJeremy Irons

Jeremy Irons
('Aramis' on The Man in the Iron Mask)
My brother came up with this casting suggestion (he also suggested Ford for Commissioner Gordon) and at first I thought, "Jeremy Irons?" But the more I looked at his pictures and considered his film oeuvre, I realized that Irons would be a very good Alfred — the sharp wit, the constant, slightly weary irony, the cool, British efficiency... perfect. Plus he isn't too old for the part (which, unfortunately and as good as he has been in the role, Michael Gough is).

Character's First BoP Appearance(s): BoP 43