The Birds of Prey

Batgirl III: Protégé of the Bat

Batgirl III

Cassandra Cain
mother unknown,
father David Cain
First Appearance:
as Oracle's courier & student: Batman #567, July 1999
as Batgirl III: Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #120, August 1999
Character Created By:
Kelley Puckett
Vital Statistics:
brown eyes, black hair
Base of Operations:
Gotham City
"Real-Life" Occupation(s):
None. She is Batgirl.
Special Skills:
Trained practically from birth by her father to be an assassin, she is a martial artist of deadly skill with a warrior's code of honor — and she's a match even for Lady Shiva. She has also mastered Batman's trick of silent appearances and disappearances and uses it to her strategic and psychological advantage.
A Batman-approved member of the Gotham home team.
BoP Affiliations:
Though she has encountered the Black Canary on a few occasions, Cassandra hasn't worked with either Barbara or Dinah on any BoP missions as of yet. She started her Bat-career as one of Oracle's No Man's Land operatives and was considered by Oracle to be one of her best. Her loyalty to Oracle and personal abhorence for her father's methods led her to defy her father and foil Two-Face's plot against Jim Gordon — saving Gordon's life twice and probably at least saving Batman from a hard fight. Her loyalty, ability, and honor impressed both Batman and Oracle to the point where they both felt she was a worthy successor to the mantle of the Bat(girl) which the Huntress (Batgirl II) had dishonored. She eventually moved into her own "cave" but prior to that lived with with Babs (though she mostly just sleeps when at home and spends the rest of her time being Batgirl). She looks upon Barbara as a sort of mother and mentor and cannot imagine ever being as good a Batgirl as Oracle once was.


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Batgirl: A Knight Alone — a cool intro to the newest Batgirl, put together by DC Comics, so all the info there is dead-on accurate. Also includes an e-comic. Gorgeous.

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This site's got you covered if you want info on the new Batgirl III. — a German-language website devoted to Cassandra Cain. There is a lot of stuff here, but my German is non-existent, so I pretty much just looked at the pretty pictures. They have neato wallpaper downloads.