The Birds of Prey

Roy William Harper, Jr.
father Roy William Harper, Sr. (deceased); mother, name unknown (presumed deceased); Navajo foster father Brave Bow aka Raymond Begay (deceased); foster father Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow (recently returned from the dead...)
Known Relatives:
daughter Lian Harper; uncle Jim Harper (aka the Guardian); Connor Hawke (a sort of half-brother though not a blood relation); Vandal Savage (exact relationship unknown); Babette Doubel (exact relationship unknown)
First Appearance:
More Fun Comics #73, November 1941
Vital Statistics:
blue eyes, red hair, 5'11" tall, 180 lbs
Base of Operations:
Titans headquarters; works internationally
Special Skills:
Arguably the best shot in the DCU with everything except the bow and arrow with which he comes in a good second to Ollie (and Connor Hawke likely comes in at #3); also an excellent hand-to-hand combatant
First made name for himself as "Speedy," the original Green Arrow's sidekick; a founding member of the Teen Titans and member (and sometime leader) of later Titans incarnations. A founding member of the current Titans team. Former agent for the DEA and the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation aka Checkmate).
BoP Affiliations:
Dinah is probably Roy's closest friend and has frequently taken a maternal role in his life. Dinah stayed with Roy all through his nightmarish withdrawal from heroin and in spite of her breakup with Ollie has maintained a close, familial relationship with Roy and Lian. Roy didn't meet Oracle until she helped him track down Vandal Savage but they have not met face-to-face. Oracle occasionally helps out the Titans with information, so he has likely dealt with her more often since that first time.


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