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Argent: From Teen to Titan

ArgentArgent (aka Toni Monetti) was created by Dan Jurgens for the short-lived, Teen Titans series (which featured an all-new cast of characters). That series preceded the current Titans book which revived the classic Titans lineup (including Nightwing, Flash, Troia, Arsenal, and Tempest).

As I'd hoped at the time Argent, the one character on the Jurgens' team I'd really thought had potential, found a place on the current team.

Argent is sort of "Buffy, the Superheroine" in that up until her powers emerged, she was pretty much your typical, bubble-brained, shopaholic, spoiled suburbanite kid.

Interestingly enough, Argent is one of the handful of surviving heroes the time-lost Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Flash encounter in the Darkseid-shattered future depicted in one of the all-time greatest JLA stories, Rock of Ages. Argent fighting with the JLA (kinda). Argent helping to bring down Darkseid... I thought that was cool.


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DCU: Next Generation

This site is just FULL of information on most of the younger DC heroes — including Argent, my fave of the last batch of new Teen Titans and the only one of that gang to make the new Titans team — and it's very nicely put together and organized.